travel always been part of me,as i can realize how  far i came from,  growing up in my birth place in Cameroon. I learned  later that my grand parents moved back in the days from the country side to the main city of douala where my dad  were born.I grew up  moving from palaces to places in Cameroon. I moved to france to live with my brother in france in 1999 and end up  settling  in manchester UK in 2003 and till today my traveling experiences never end ,more in my bucket list to check off.So far i have been in more than 30 countries,thanks to this platform i found helping me to stay in  the most luxurious hotels and have the best experiences in the world and doing this without breaking the bank,and i think this the most affordable way to travel in style @discount price.Thank you for stopping by  my blog,hope you are going to like it.Don’t forget to comment or share my posts.

thank you.

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