Bucharest is a relatively new city as no mention of it is made until 1459,according to the history.The exact origins of the city are therefore unknown.A sheferd,Bucur founded the city, but a more likely candidate is Radu Voda(also known as Radu Negru),ruler of wallachia from c1290-1300.

It was under Vlad the impaler that the city grew to any real size,when it became the preferred site of the Wallachian court.This was based in what is today known as old town, around the curtea veche, the city was sacked for the first time in 1476 by the Moldavian ruler Stephen the Great(Stefan cel Mare),and again by the Turks in 1554.in January 1859,at the hotel Concordia on Strada smardan,Wallachia’s nascent parliament elected Alexandru loan cuza as the principality’s new ruler.Given that the Moldavian parliament had elected the same man to be their leader a few days before, the vote at the Concordia in effect created the first state of Romania,Bucharest grew and flourished during the reign of carol l (1866-1914),Romania first king.since ever the city never stop growing.

I have the opportunity to visit Bucharest this year from 11th- till12th of January and I can tell you it has been an amazing trip

From day1 , I arrived the city was covered with snow, it was the first time in my life i ever seen a such severe weather but the next day things changed , the sun appear and it was a different experience, the city was alive.here some of my memories from this outstanding trip.i will recommend every one to travel in this beautiful city with amazing friendly people,always celebrating life

Andre Marie eyebe​


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